Software License

You may use this software without any explicit or implied warranty. The software is delivered as is and under no circumstance may it be modified by yourself or a third party. Any apps purchased on the App store may be shared under Apple's Family Sharing policy, any other form of sharing is prohibited. Unless agreed to by Unplugged Ideas, you may not resell the software. The usage of the software establishes agreement with the license.

Privacy Policy

Updated Mar 20, 2019

We believe in privacy, and take it very seriously. Your personal information will never be given, transferred or made directly accessible to any third party with our consent. At any point in time you may request your account and personal information to be removed permanently.

Data Storage - Web Applications

Unless explicitly stated, our web applications keep data on your behalf in our data center servers and will not be shared with third parties. Cookies may be stored in your browser’s local storage for the purpose of maintaining a session state with our server; they contain no personally identifying information.

Data Storage - Mobile Apps

Mobile applications or Apps, store data in your local device as well as Apple iCloud storage (where applicable), please see The Apple Privacy Policy ( for details. For web applications that interface via a mobile App, our Data Storage Web Applications policy applies as well.

Contacting You

Any contact via personal mediums such as e-mail, phone, etc will be for the sole purpose of verifying your identity or authenticating it is you accessing your data, such as 2-tier authentication or password reminders. We may also use your phone and e-mail with your consent, to provide news and updates about our products.

Location Based Services

Certain Mobile Apps may collect your location. This is not a requirement to use our products and is completely optional. You may request any location information be deleted on your behalf at any time.


We use the latest and strongest technology to encrypt and secure your data. Best efforts are made to protect your data from attacks and intrusions.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this policy or our products, please contact us here.

Terms of Use

This software may only be used for its intended purpose. It may not be used for any form of illegal activity or by countries deemed as terrorist by the U.S. goverment. In particular, it may not be used in the aid of human trafficking or pedophilia.